The Damara, also called the Dama people, include about 100,000 people, making up about nine percent of the population of Namibia. The greatest concentration of the Damara people is in the northwest region of Namibia. Their origin of the tribe is unknown. They have an interesting autonomy without being related to any other tribes of Africa. Although they speak the Khoekhoe language, they do not appear to have cultural ties with the other tribes who speak that language. Their use of the language is believed to have been a later development based on their interaction with other tribes. Today there are thirty-three existing clans within the Damara Tribe. Some believe that they are descended from a primitive group of hunter-gatherers in a society in which co-operation and shared resources were a necessity for living. This would have been a society in which the skills of both women and men were vital to the group and mutually respected. The Damara people were not warlike, because such aggression would have endangered the survival of the entire group. It can safely be said that the Damaras were an industrious and peace-loving people.