Complexity of Content - To get this website to where I want it to be, there is an immense amount of information that needs to be input. I first began learning how to build a website in late spring of 2020.  As such, I have a long way still to go and if information is missing, that means I just haven't gotten to it yet. After I got the basics of web developement behind me, I first began inputting information for tribal affiliations within the United States. This in itself was a very challenging task. To illlustrate, I'll provide a few examples.

California has 109 federally recognized tribes today. In the pre-European contact era, California had just over 500 indigenous subtribes. One of the books I used to research California tribes is just shy of 1,000 pages long. If you think those numbers are large, you should know that the state of Alaska today has 231 federally recognized tribes. I don't even know yet how many Alaska subtribes once existed and I can only imagine how large a book would need to be written just to cover the topic. Other complexities exist such with the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma has just five indigenous tribes from the state, however, there are 39 federally recognized tribes within it today. This is the result of various Native American removal and relocation laws establish by the U.S. Congress in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Oklahoma was primarily the site designated as relocated "Indian Territory" by the U.S. Government. This is the reason why so many tribes exist in Oklahoma today.

Where the above examples present complexity for the native tribal regions of the United States, there are even more extensive complexities for most other countries and regions of the world.  In light of this, I ask for your patience in my getting this information into the website. I'm just a 14-year old and I only have time to do this outside of school and other activities. Believe me, I want to get this to be complete and accurate. I want everyone included.

What is guaranteed to happen - Somewhere, I am going to miss information. I know that somewhere (even when I think it's complete) I am going to miss a culture, omit a key fact or overlook a significant contribution. Please be patient and if possible, send me a message from the "Ask me a Question" section on the home page. Thanks!, Liam