Although the Tuareg Tribe is a sub-group of the Berbers, they are being considered here as a separate entity due to many unique features that distinguish them from other Berber tribes. They are the only tribe in which a majority of the families are still actively engaged in the nomadic lifestyle. Their society is arranged in an aristocracy not observed in most other Berber societies, and the role of women in their society is much different from their traditional role in most other Berber tribes. The Tuaregs, while primarily in Mali and the Tenere Desert of Niger, have also migrated to outlying countries such as Algeria and Morocco. The Tuaregs in the Southern Sahara are known as the Blue Men. They are recognizable from their indigo blue robes. Today over 2 million Tuaregs live in small family groups, and retain the nomadic lifestyle. The Tuaregs retained the ancient written language of their ancestors called Tifinagh through their learned scholars. Their language had originated in Libya. The Tuaregs were respected for their knowledge and ruled in their own right.