The Pequawket was the name of one of the bands of the Eastern Abenaki people who formerly lived near the headwaters of the Saco River in Carroll County, New Hampshire and Oxford County, Maine. Both Pequawket and Pigwacket are English corruptions of their tribal name, which means "by the cave lands." After the arrival of Europeans, the Pequawkets merged into other Abenaki and New England Algonquian groups and today there is no distinct Pequawket band. The last tribal elder of the Pequawket people passed away in 2007. Pequawket is also the Abenaki name for Fryeburg, Maine, and the Abenaki name for Kearsarge North mountain. The Pequaket were the native Abenaki combatants in the Battle of Pequawket that occurred on May 9, 1725. The battle was the last major engagement between the English and the Wabanaki Confederacy in Governor Dummer's War in northern New England. Captain John Lovewell led a privately organized company of scalp hunters, organized into a makeshift ranger company, and Chief Paugus led the Abenaki. The battle was related to the expansion of New England settlements along the Kennebec River.