Today, it seems the view that some people use to percieve other cultures in our world is limited. I want people to respect one another. If the human race was more aware that we all come from the same ancestors, that we are all common, that nobody is any better or more entitled than anybody else, the world could be a much more compassionate place. There might be better understanding and accepting of our differences and cultural idiosyncrasies. There might be more patience and kindness throughout the world. 

The mission of my website - Genius Indigenous - is to promote and to educate others about the amazing cultures, histories, and lives of different indigenous groups. In one way or another, our respective and shared ancestors created their own ways to survive. Each of us walking on the planet Earth today, are here strictly because of the results of our ancestor's ingenuity (genius). Through navagating my website, my hope is that you will find some of the most unknown, interesting, amazing facts about indigenous tribes from all around the world. Hopefully after visiting, you will have greater knowledge and appreciation of our world's native cultures and ultimately become more aware that we are all just One Big Tribe.