Hi All, My name is Liam. I hail from the great granite State of New Hampshire, but I'm almost always thinking about other parts of the world. Since I was a very small kid and saw my first Indiana Jones movie, I've truly been in love with learning about indigenous and ancient cultures. I was always amazed by what indigenous societies were able to accomplish to survive and thrive. Of what I've studied in my life so far, every culture has a unique tale to tell about how it lived and advanced as a group. Every culture has contributed something uniquely awesome to the world. Each has made a discovery or created something amazing that we all can appreciate and be thankful for today.

When I was a Cub Scout, I had the opportunity to have a sleepover with my den at Boston's Museum of Science. I spent that night in my sleeping bag just under a display of ancient Anasazi pottery (See below!). I was amazed by how an ancient civilization from America's Southwest was able to create such beautiful and decorative plates and bowls as far back as 1,800 years ago.  The Anasazi created something truly awesome. We all are inspired by this today. While, the Anasazi dissapeared from the American Southwest 700 years ago, we still should remember them and celebrate their contributions. I think that every culture and tribe has a story to tell. I want to find out each of their stories and tell it to as many people as I can.  Kind regards, Liam

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