The Wangunk or Wongunk are an indigenous people from central Connecticut. The Wangunk were Eastern Algonquin indigenous people who lived along the oxbows of the southern span of the “long tidal river” (Quinnitukqut) in present-day central Connecticut.  Their main village, Wangunk (“where the river bends”), from which the tribe derived its name, was on the eastern side of the river, with equally important residences at Mattabesett on the west and Pyquag to the north. They had three major settlements in the areas of the present-day towns of Portland, Middletown, and Wethersfield. They also ulived on lands in other parts of what were later organized by English settlers as Middlesex and Hartford counties. Some sources call the Wangunk the Mattabessett, or Mattabesch, but Wangunk is the name used by scholars and by contemporary Wangunk descendants.