The Watutsi Tribe, also known as the Tutsi, live in Rwanda, east of the Congo. The Watutsi’s are among the tallest people in the world, averaging a height of 7 feet, with some reaching almost eight feet. They are slender in build. Such exceptional height, although not to the same degree, has also been observed in the Maasi of Kenya and the Saos Tribe in Chad and Sudan, suggesting either some common genetics or past intermarriage with those tribes. The Watutsis speak one of the Bantu languages called Rwanda-Rundi, but French is also spoken. Christianity is the major religion. In the 1500’s, the Watutsi migrated to Rwanda from the Nile Valley, and are believed by some to be the descendants of the Biblical figure Ham, son of Noah. They are associated, by some people, with the references to “giants in the earth” spoken about in the Bible. The Watutsis settled the area known as the African Great Lakes. Some of the tribe settled also in Congo and Burundi. The homes of the Watutsis are basically made of clay and thatched straw in their traditional villages. They excel at agriculture. Their diets include peas, bananas, beans and rice.