The Zulus are the largest tribe in South Africa with about 11 million people. They are primarily located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The Zulus are an ethnic group from the Nguni people specifically those who were united by the Zulu languages. When they migrated to South Africa, they split into two groups. One stayed in the north and the other moved further south. The group that stayed in the north abolished circumcision as a tribal custom. Also, this northern group is the one that evolved into the Zulu Kingdom. Today it is still the primary region for the Zulu tribe. However, some Zulus have since migrated outside of South Africa to Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique. The Zulus have a rich culture that has been passed down through generations. Their poetry and stories have been orally transmitted, along with traditional songs and dancing. They are characterized by their respect for fellow human beings by their tribal concept of “Ubuntu”. This custom is a version of the “Do unto others” theme of reciprocity and good will. One custom is eating from the same plate which is a sign of friendship. The original tribal founder in the late 1600’s was named “Zulu”, which means “sky”.