The Samburu Tribe is a group of semi-nomads who originally came from the Nile Valley. They speak a language similar to that of the ancient Nubians, south of Egypt. They herd cattle, camels and goats. Five hundred years ago, they migrated to Kenya from the Sudan. At that time they settled in the rift valley near Mount Kenya. The Samburu are primarily Christian, however there is still practice of the traditional Dinka religion. In that religion, the supreme ruler is the god of the sky called “Nkai”. Abuk, the patroness of women, is depicted as a snake. In the Samburu culture, snakes have divine powers, and it is forbidden to kill them. The very oldest members among the elders rule the Samburu communities. It is believed that they have the ability to set curses, which gives them some degree of fearsome power. They are also the ones who arrange the marriages in the tribe.